Between Multiple

Between” was created in 2018. It is a multiple that connects Ellipsis, Collection 28 and the Y issue dedicated to Hokusa’s The Great Kanagawa Wave. Between is a fun and creative material object in the form of a kit composed of a pipette of Chinese ink and a white paper.

 ” Using a pipette of Chinese pencil, let your creativity express itself on this white paper to reveal some information…

The white paper has invisible white lines. They correspond to the features of Hokusai’s print La grande vague de Kanagawa. When all lines are made visible by the ink, the user can scan hisThe Chinese ink allows to reveal the motifs of the reproduction of the print while creating a unique multiple. When all the lines are made visible, the user can scan his reproduction using the augmented reality application: Aurasma. The work Ellipsis is then made visible and accessible through the experience of the object